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Quintette français originaire de la banlieue parisienne. Le groupe se compose de Kerian (chant), Nico et Alex (guitares), Valtor (claviers) et Olivier (batterie). Depuis 1997, Kristendom distille furieusement un death metal mélodique. La formation a un mini-CD et deux albums à son actif. Auditeurs calmes et gentils s’abstenir.



Extreme Melodic Death metal ! First album out in 1999 « operator dead » became a top sellers among selfproduced album in all majors stores ! Strong of this sucess, Osmoe productions signed the band & issued « From within »; Kristendom went on tour with Sup & Gloomy Grim. In 2002, Kristendom joins with Thundering to issue « Inferno ». Sold out at several times, 3 different editions were printed (digi + 2 cristal packs). In 2004, Kristendom went on the Hurmalent tour with No Return.

2005 /2006 is the officiel release of « Awakening the chaos », super deluxe digipack including a bonus DVD, showing the band live on tour, in backstage & making of the album. In addition to the new album, Thundering / Manitou reissued all of the back catalog (mainly sold out) in new carton sleeve edition at very low price. Be prepared for Chaos.



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