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Londonbeat is a multi-racial R&B and dance music band who scored a number of pop and dance hits in the early nineties.

« There’s A Beat Going On » suddenly hit the Top 10 and it was decided to give additional attention to « 9 A.M (The Comfort Zone) » which subsequently became a modest success in the United Kingdom.

They are best known for their song « I’ve Been Thinking About You », which hit #1 on the Hot 100 and the Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts in 1991, for their close harmonies, for their members, and Willy handling all the instruments.

Band members include Americans Jimmy Helms (who also sang radio station Jingles) and George Chandler with Jimmy Chambers from Trinidad and Tobago and multi-instrumentalist William Henshall (Credited as Willy M).

Their follow-up single « A Better Love » became a Hot 100 Top 20 hit, and they returned to #1 on the dance chart with « Come Back » (Hot 100 #62).


In 1995, Londonbeat entered the UK heats of the Eurovision Song Contest with « I’m Just Your Puppet on a … (String) », however they were not selected to go to the main contest (losing out to rap group Love City Groove) and the single limped in at Number 55.

In 2003 Londonbeat re-grouped with a new line up and signed to German record label Coconut. An album called Back in the Hi-Life featured re-recordings of « A Better Love » and « I’ve Been Thinkin’ About You » amongst the new tracks.

Marc Goldschmitz left the band in 2004, now pushing his German-indie-pop-projekt « die Unerklärlichen » .


80s & 90s:

Jimmy Helms
Jimmy Chambers
George Chandler


Jimmy Helms
Jimmy Chambers
Myles Kayne
Marc Goldschmitz


Londonbeat was signed to David A. Stewart’s Anxious Records label.
The group performed backing vocals on Deacon Blue’s « When Will You Make My Telephone Ring » (1987).

Three members of the band, George Chandler, Jimmy Helms and Jimmy Chambers, performed backing vocals on Godley & Creme’s album Goodbye Blue Sky (1988).
The group performed backing vocals on the title track of Shakespears Sister’s debut album Sacred Heart (1989).
The group performed backing vocals on the title track of Dead or Alive’s album Fan the Flame (Part 1) (1990).
Jimmy Helms had a UK top 10 hit in 1973 with « Gonna Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse« .


1988 Londonbeat Speak
1990 In The Blood #34 (UK)
1992 Harmony
1994 Londonbeat
1997 The Very Best of Londonbeat
1998 Best! The Singles
2003 Back in the Hi-Life
2004 Gravity


1988 « There’s A Beat Going On »
1988 « 9 A.M. (The Comfort Zone) »
1989 « Falling in Love Again »
1990 « I’ve Been Thinking About You »
1990 « A Better Love »
1991 « No Woman No Cry »
1992 « You Bring on the Sun »
1992 « That’s How I Feel About You »
1992 « Lover You Send Me Colours »
1994 « Come back »
1995 « I’m Just Your Puppet on a … (String) »
1995 « Build it with Love »
1999 « Read Between Your Eyes »
2003 « Where Are U »
2004 « The Air »
2004 « Heaven »

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