[lang_fr]Mat Bellini: Biographie et Hommage a Franck Sinatra [/lang_fr][lang_en]Mat Bellini: Biography and Live Tribute To Sinatra[/lang_en]

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Désolé….. Seulement en Anglais




Mat Bellini was borne in Italy but some months after his borth he leaved Italy and caried on his life in the USA.
Since he was i child he got in love with music and cinema, and developed his passion for them till he got a accademy for playing classic guitar.

After that he got more and more passion for jazz and swing and he got the experience of some live concerts of the great Frank Sinatra. There ware such strong events, that Mat felt in his heart a big love growing up for that kind of music and a way of Sinatra dependance was growing up in Mat’s mind.
During Mat’slong period of life in America, he also learned how to become a good actor in an Actors Studio in Los Angeles. But, mostrly inside his mind was living the desire of singing the greatest hits of Sinatra with an own personal orchestra. By the way Mat doesn’t forget his second passion, I mean the movie and so at the end of the actors school he got some possibilities in the american’s movie world.

Mat doesn’t also forget that he is an italian guy and after many years in the USA Mat also fly to Germany were for some years Mat’s music passion take a big big part into his life. Mat in Germany can some years not only remark his natural way to the Sinatra’s world but also to a own way of singing beeing.
After seven years in Germany Mat returns to his homeland: Italy, because his heart remains in that beautyful country. After comeing back to Italy, that’s so say to Verona, Mat take a great decision: he wants to be the next new Frank Sinatra. But, not only for the reason way Mat’s voice is very very near to Sinatra’s voice, but also because that kind of music is the only real Mat’s music love.


Mat’s orchestra has borne in the last years in order to play Mat’s concerts such as Sinatra was used to play in the past.
MAT BELLINI’s Orchestra is composed by 20 musicians of international price (sax, piano, violins…). The music arrangements for each song is the original one, that was played by Sinatra’s concerts in the past.


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