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Mike & the Mechanics est un groupe pop rock britannique fondé en 1985 comme un side-projet de Mike Rutherford, un membre fondateur de Genesis. Il est connu pour ses hits Silent Running, All I Need Is A Miracle, Taken In, The Living Years, Word Of Mouth & Over My Shoulder.

Le groupe comprenait au départ Paul Carrack, feu Paul Young (celui de Sad Café, à ne pas confondre avec le chanteur solo Paul Young qui a enregistré avec Zucchero), le claviériste Adrian Lee et le batteur et percussioniste Peter Van Hooke ex musicien de Van Morrison.

Après la disparition de Paul Young (mort d’une crise cardiaque le 15 juillet 2000), le groupe s’est reformé en 2004 sous le nom Mike + the Mechanics + Paul Carrack.



1986 Mike + The Mechanics #26 US
1989 The Living Years #2 UK, #13 US
1991 Word of Mouth #11 UK, #107 US
1995 Beggar On a Beach of Gold #9 UK
1996 Hits #3 UK
1999 Mike + the Mechanics (aka « M6 ») #14 UK
2004 Rewired #61 UK


de l’album Mike + the Mechanics (1985)
1985 Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) #21 UK (version de 1986), #6 US
1986 All I Need Is a Miracle #5 US
1986 Taken in #32 US
de l’album The Living Years
1989 The Living Years #2 UK, #1 US
1989 Nobody’s Perfect
from Word of Mouth
1991 Word of Mouth #13 UK
1991 Get Up
1991 A Time And A Place
1991 Everybody Gets A Second Chance
de l’album Beggar on a Beach of Gold
1995 Over My Shoulder #12 UK
1995 A Beggar on a Beach of Gold #33 UK
1995 Another Cup Of Coffee
de l’albumHits
1996 All I Need Is a Miracle ’96 #27 UK
de l’album Mike + the Mechanics (1999)
1999 Whenever I Stop
1999 Now That You’ve Gone #35 UK
1999 When I Get Over You


Paul Carrack – claviériste, guitariste, chanteur, batteur écriture 1985-?
Rupert Cobb – claviériste
Jamie Moses – guitariste
Abbie Osmon – choriste
BA Robertson – claviériste, écriture
Mike Rutherford – guitariste, bassiste, chanteur, écriture 1985-?
Peter Van Hooke – batteur/percussionniste 1985-1995; 2004-?
Gary Wallis – batteur/programateur

Past Members or ex additional musicians

Dereck Austin – claviériste
Ray Beavis – saxophoniste
Alan Carvel – choriste
Katie Cassoon – choriste
Clem Clempson – guitariste
Martin Ditcham – percussionniste
John Earle – saxophoniste
Dave Frangioni – drum loop progamateur
Sal Gallina – Yamaha WX7
Louis Jardin – percussionniste
John Kirby – chanteur additionel
Adrian Lee – claviériste, écriture 1985-1995
Paul McGee – choriste
Rich Mendelson – drum loop progamateur
Alan Murphy – guitariste
Christopher Neil – choriste, producteur, écriture
Andy Newmark – batteur
Tessa Niles – choriste
Pino Palladino – bassiste
Oscar Paul – programmation
Steve Piggot – claviériste, programateur
Tim Renwick – guitariste
Gene Stashuck – chanteur additionel
Linda Taylor – choriste
Matthew Vaughan – programeur
Ian Wherry – claviériste
Sharon Woolf – choriste
Wix – claviériste
Paul Young – percussionniste, chanteur, écriture 1985-2000

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Mike + The Mechanics are an English rock/pop band formed in 1985 as a side project of Mike Rutherford, a founding member of Genesis, that became a successful band in its own right. They are best known for the international hit singles « Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) », « All I Need Is a Miracle », « Over My Shoulder » and « The Living Years ».

The main lineup for the band were vocalists Paul Carrack and the late Paul Young (formerly of chart band Sad Café), keyboardist Adrian Lee and drummer Peter Van Hooke. By their 1995 album Beggar on a Beach of Gold only Rutherford, Carrack and Young were permanent members of the line-up until Young’s death in 2000.


Mike + The Mechanics débuted with their eponymous album in 1985 which highlighted Rutherford’s innovative guitar work and the vocal talents of the two Pauls, amongst other guest vocalists. Initially, the group’s albums were released between Genesis albums. This ended with the temporary disbanding of Genesis in 1998.

The song « The Living Years » from the album of the same name was to be the height of their critical success to date; the US #1 single was written by the successful Scottish singer/writer/composer B.A. Robertson about the dissension between him and his father, a situation that was never rectified prior to the death of his father – just 12 weeks before the birth of his son – sung with great passion by Carrack, who had lost his own father when he was only eleven years old. The album also featured the song « Nobody’s Perfect » which received considerable airtime as the music to a successful television advertising campaign for Tennent’s bitter. Their third album Word of Mouth followed in 1991 with less commercial and critical success although the lead single, with vocals by Paul Young, reached the Top 20 in the UK. The fourth album Beggar on a Beach of Gold was a high watermark in the quality of their material, with both the album and first single « Over My Shoulder » charting well with many considering the album the band’s best work. Their fifth studio album was released in 1999 and was the band’s second self-titled album, Mike + The Mechanics. This album is generally known as the M6 album, with a « Greatest Hits » album being their fifth release. As the band no longer had a distribution deal with an American record label, M6 was available as an import only.

After a hiatus following Young’s death from a heart attack on July 15, 2000, the band reformed in 2004 as « Mike + The Mechanics featuring Paul Carrack », releasing the album Rewired.

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