Tom Rust Biography

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I was born in Manchester. My musical interest started at about the age of 13 years where l followed my brothers footsteps into the school band which later became the Ashton on Mersey Youth Showband. My brother played the Trombone whilst l played Alto and later the Tenor saxophone. One of my first regular gigs with this band was a residency on Morecambe pier every Sunday evening.

I started singing at the age of about 16. Moved to London at around 24. Recorded a few tracks for Atlantic Records and chased record deals for a while. I worked as in house programmer and engineer for Morrison-Leahy Music. l met Nigel Goulding and formed the duo ‘Step’.
We released a jazz dance track called ‘If’ which did well in Japan. Atttended a summer school at the Guild Hall where l met the inspirational Pete Churchill.

More recently.

I happened to be reading a copy of The Singer magazine and noticed a jazz vocalist competition in the back pages and not really taking note of all the text (especially the Jazz Diva bit), duly sent them a copy of a couple of jazz standards l recorded earlier in the year. A few weeks later l received a call saying that my entry had been accepted for THE MARION MONTGOMERY AWARDS 2002 and I was invited to sing at the Ventnor Jazz Divas Festival Isle of Wight, with the house trio. Only when l arrived at Ventnor, was it apparent that l was the only male singer. I was the token bloke in an all female Diva competition! l won a special award at the festival, but far more important than that for me was the chance to perform with players such as Laurie Holloway, Jeff Clyne, Trevor Tomkins, Nick Weldon and Malcolm Edmonstone.

Recording my ‘Saints and Singers’ CD was one of the most enjoyable sessions l have ever had, how lucky for me that Malcolm, Ben and Julian are so talented and such good fun to be with. Please check gig guide for details of our promotional tour.

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