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[lang_fr]Giacomo Bondi has been involved as a producer and pianist in music productions since 1999, and has been active at a high discographic level since 2002. Since then, the music produced by Giacomo Bondi, has been included in over 100 compilations made around the world.
That which characterizes GBMUSIC productions is the refined quality of each and every piece. We specialize in Lounge, Electro Jazz, Chill-Out, Ethno Chill, Acid Jazz, Soul House productions. Our musical collaborators are affirmed professionals of an international calibre and come from various parts of the world (Brazil, America, France, Italy) providing a touch of class and quality. We are also active in the field of television and documentary music, having prepared entire production music libraries for some of the most important companies in Italy like RAI TRADE and MACHIAVELLI Musical Images, permitting us to appear in many important products which have been distributed in over 800,000 copies. Our music also appears on many CDROMs and company videos. Included in our most important productions, entirely created and produced by Giacomo Bondi, are Latin Vibe 1 and Latin Vibe 2, LO LIGHT printed on 2003-2004, the recent GABRIELLE CHIARARO, JAZZISTIC, LISA MARONI, JAZZ SCHEMA, EVANDRO REIS other artist name like VibraPHile, MAZACHIGNO, SOFT SOFA with just as many compilations currently on sale. In short, those who come to GBMUSIC do so knowing the quality of the productions which inevitably is evident in the product, be it a Compilation, DVD, or documentary. For a complete discography and biography please visit the website www.gbmusic.it
GIACOMO BONDI – info@gbmusic.it
Mobile +39-328-6499405
Fax +39-06-233248755

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