JamX : Liebe

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Previously known as the hard hitting German duo DuMonde aka JamX & De Leon, JamX and his partner were known as one of the most enduring and exciting Trance twosomes on the scene, for their 10 year career at the top. Renowned for their countless trance epics such as ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘God MusicJamX & De Leon’s remix powers have also turned many records into instant floorfillers – just cast your mind back to records like CRWI Feel Love and Alice DJBetter Off Alone.

However, for 2008, JamX & De Leon have decided to go their separate ways and concentrate on a few of their own projects. The most prominent of which is JamX’s new single for Nukleuz, ‘Liebe’, which includes a remix package from the likes of Spinning Records new favourite, Nick Larson. A producer whose already received solid support from huge names including Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Sander van Doorn, John O’ Callaghan, Mac Zimms, Cosmic Gate, a.m.m, and Eddie Halliwell on BBC Radio 1. Other remixers giving their own take on this massive Trancer from JamX include, Nukleuz favourite, P.H.A.T.T and Dutch producer, Matt Pincer. Both of whom have gained solid support from the worlds top DJS including, Judge Jules, Paul Van Dyk, Michael Splint, Dave Pearce and many more. JamX also gets behind the buttons for his own D and T-Type remixes with Daniel Kay.


Jürgen Mutschall aka JamX began his DJing career playing across the genres from House, to Funk, Soul, R&B and Hip Hop. In 1990 he became a resident at Mega Club Centre EXTRA, in Koblenz, Germany and towards the mid nineties began focusing on his own musical career. After opening a record store, Vinyl Underground, he began organising parties in local the area, during which he met De Leon with whom he later teamed up with to form JamX & De Leon, aka Dumonde. At the end of 1997 they had released the single, ‘Tomorrow’, which had gone on to gain widespread support from both top name DJs and radio stations alike, bringing them to the attention of German Trance scene and on to remixing the likes of Push’s ‘Universal Nation’ and Love’s ‘Coming Down’. Founding the Chaos label and later creating their own respected label F8T, Jamx & De Leon partnership were now producing tracks instantly sought after on the club scene. For a Decade Dumonde were recognised as one of the foremost production and Dj duos on the trance scene, from production collaborations with artists such as Lange and gigs at Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Velfarre and other major venues globally. They spent the last ten years at the top and now 2008 sees them go their separate ways.

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