Samaya : Surrender

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Surrender incarne l’amour intense liant la source d’amour universelle à l’humanité, toujours à la recherche d’harmonie et d’identité.

Cet amour est assez subtil pour vous faire travailler dur dans l’unique but d’en faire l’expérience. Mais si vous faites preuve de patience et de persévérance, vous ferez l’expérience de tout ce que promettent les religions.

Dieu n’est que pur amour, et Lui et vous ne faites qu’Un.

On this heart warming CD, the talented Samaya sings fifteen different mantras and love songs. The songs are sung in Sanskrit and English, in a variety of different tempos. Surrender to the universal power of love and find harmony within yourself. Instruments featured are guitars, sitar, tabla and keyboard.

The album Surrender is about the deep and intense love I feel between God and me, personified in the Divine embodiment of Sathya Sai Baba. His presence and love is beyond words. The only way I was able to express my feelings for him and my gratitude for all that He has done in my life was by singing and making music. Many times when I felt so close to this Source within me I just wanted to express all this inner beauty. Thanks to God I found the music and the words that enabled me to put my most intense experiences into music.

I used ancient mantras but also did I write love songs that suited the divinity I had felt in my meditations. It all lead to an album with very relaxing and healing music. I hope you will experience the same love and joy I had while making this album.

Tracklist :

1 – Kaayena Vaacha Manasendriyaivaa
2 – Ganapate Hanuman
3 – Guru Brahma
4 – Saishvaraya Vidmahe
5 – Oh Sweetest Lord Sai
6 – Oh Mata
7 – Om Sri Jesuse
8 – Sarva Mangala Mangalye
9 – Om Ma
10 – Om Kaaram Bindu
11 – Om Shreem Hreem Kleem
12 – Hey Sathya Sai
13 – I Long
14 – Om Sri Durgaye Namaha
15 – Loka Samasta

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