Axelpolo And Phillipo Blake – Our Story

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[En] We often find useless, losing necessary; gain seems to be lasting; chase away the past. Out of all this emerging story of each.
AxelPolo and Phillipo Blake musicians from Russia, which are seemingly two different stories, but they are harmoniously woven together.
Magnetic Brothers, Sergey Shemet, Project AN: TI, MassTek – in their remixes, they tell the same story, only from different sides.

Tracklist :

1 – Our story – original mix (6:06) – Trance
2 – Our story – magnetic brothers remix (7:52) – Trance
3 – Our story – sergey shemet remix (8:27) – Trance
4 – Our story – project an:ti remix (6:10) – Trance
5 – Our story – masstek remix (7:39) – Trance

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