Blue Planet – Masala

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« Kharma »

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[En] Germany-based flautist Lenny MacDowell is an integral part of his local smooth jazz and new age music scenes, as a performer, a producer, and owner of the eclectic Blue Flame label. MacDowell was involved in the German progressive music scene of the 1970s and 1980s, performing in bands like Holderlin and Birth Control. While producing, arranging and performing on his and other people’s projects, MacDowell organized the South Indian-tinged Blue Planet in the late 1990s. The ensemble has released two albums, including « Masala.? physical distribution via allegro-music in usa

Tracklist :

1 – Kharma (10:04) – Musique du Monde
2 – Ludi garden (9:28) – Musique du Monde
3 – Lotus (9:51) – Musique du Monde
4 – Ganesh (4:11) – Musique du Monde
5 – Carnatic blues (5:05) – Musique du Monde
6 – Masterpiece (8:11) – Musique du Monde
7 – Latin masala (8:29) – Musique du Monde
8 – Lovely moon (8:40) – Musique du Monde

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