Claudio Masso – This Is My Soul

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[En] This release was totally inspired by nature in all of his forms.
We start from the centre of the soul of the Artist « This is my soul », composed with strings, percussion and voices.
This tune is simple, deep and inner;  like a symphony with a proper groove.
Then we go to « Balla coi Lupi » represent our origins; our ancestors gathed in a mystic ceremony to celebrate the feared and infernal animal: « the wolf », like to make oneself liked. Here you can find also percussion but there is a new ambience synth that give the right mystic atmosphere.
From the earth we go to the lunar space: on « Darkside of the moon » you can imagine the really dark and unknow side of the moon. This track is another deep trip through electronic music and melodical feelings of the Artist with pads, leads and lot of reverbs.
On the track « Il profeta » we go to find a bouncing groove with synthline.
This tune is more aggressive with some breaks and restartings, punching snares and a really scratching synth.

Tracklist :

1 – Balla coi lupi – original mix (5:55) – House
2 – Il profeta – original mix (7:21) – House
3 – This is my soul – original mix (7:30) – House
4 – Darkside of the moon – original mix (7:30) – House
5 – This is my soul – davincy remix (8:08) – House

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