Earth Wind And Fire – Electric Universe

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[En] EWF was easily the most important funk/r&b/soul/fusion band of the 70’s. With the highly underrated Faces disc in 1980, their importance began to wane. Because Faces was such a flop, CBS, their label ordered them to make a hit record. Ubsurd right? Here’s a band that re-wrote the history books by becoming the first black band to fill huge arenas on a regular basis and united soul, r&b, rock, jazz, funk, gospel and pop like no other band before it. Now they try and stretch themselves a little further with the Faces album and they get ordered to make a hit. This was the beginning of the music biz as we know and hate it today, « Get A HIT!! » That’s all that matters. With this kind of pressure, EWF looked outside of what they wanted to do as artist and looked to see what was popular. The following albums, Raise (a fair hit), Powerlight (mediocre hit) and Electric Universe (Bomb) were the results of great artist trying to fit into the mold. Of the 3 to be honest, Raise and Electric Universe are my favorites. With Universe, there are some songs that I can’t figure out to this day why they weren’t hits. I guess their fans had tired of them by then and didn’t really care anymore. Let’s look at the album song by song

Tracklist :

1 – Magnetic (4:22) – R&B
2 – Touch (4:55) – R&B
3 – Moonwalk (4:09) – R&B
4 – Could it be right (5:15) – R&B
5 – Spirit of a new world (4:31) – R&B
6 – Sweet sassy lady (4:13) – R&B
7 – We’re living in our own time (5:24) – R&B
8 – Electric nation (4:35) – R&B

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