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Big In Ibiza the new label from the people behind the resurgent UMM UK drop their biggest tune of the year Connected ft Max’C ‘A Feeling’. This song has had a long development from underground club anthem to worldwide club smash.

After more revocals than a classic Mowtown hit eventually the perfect performance came from Max’C (of Axwell ‘I Found U’ fame) who is set to collaborate with David Guetta, Soul Avengers, Todd Terry, StoneBridge and many more top acts this summer (Max’C has also opened for P Diddy and Snoop Dogg, acted in TV mini series & films and is an accomplished dancer, moving to Finland from the US to teach Hip Hop and Break Dancing at the Helsinki Dance Academy).

We believe in the vocals, this song moves people, it’s in the melody and the words and the Fonzerelli mix brings that interesting fusion of the electronic backing track crossing with a soulful vocal, which is exactly what made the classic ‘Sweet Dreams’ work so well. « A Feeling » has in fact had many mix treatments through bootlegs and remixes over the past 3 years that has made it an anthem in many different arenas.

So now, with the perfect rendition, killer new mixes, and huge new support meaning the track has reached over 2,500,000 listeners in it’s first three weeks of radio play and who knows how many more clubbers it’s reached up and down the country, even gaining the No.1 spot in both the Music Week Club chart, and the DMC Club chart. The summer of 2008 will most definitely be all about « A Feeling »!


CONNECTED is a lose group of producers, remixers, singers, musicians songwriters who communicate create and produce via the web, with Big In Ibiza as their hub. They have never met, and may never meet but relate to each others creativity and offer in each case a part of the jigsaw that makes the whole picture.

In the case of a Feeling, the song was conceived and composed by Stu Allan (Manchester), communicating with Phil Allen (engineer, musician and singer) who was based in the record companies London studios. Their communication was email, web messenger and phone.

Fonzerelli (Northern Ireland) has supplied key remixes as have Wideboys (Portsmouth) and Melodia (Namibia) but none have ever met and received and supplied their contributions via ftp sites. After several singers were used on the track eventually Max’C (USA resident in Finland) recorded his vocals in Finland and supplied them all via the web. For some people this may seem unremarkable for more many it would be a revelation.

The role of Big In Ibiza is to help the various creative people to link and contribute and ultimately for The A&R and production staff at Big In Ibiza to finalise the song and offer, again via the web, to the DJs and fans. This would have been inconceivable 10 years ago but is now very much a natural consequence of creativity and technology.

Including Mixes from…

Pedro De La Fiesta
Love Assassins
7th Heaven
Pete Pritchard
Outsource DJs

Aaron ‘Fonzerelli’ McClelland has established himself as the man to turn to when dancefloors need rocking and has proven his point with # 1 Download & # 1 Label of the year on DJ Download, # 1 Beatport charts and being requested personally to play alongside Tiesto in Ibiza this year!

Platinum selling producers The Wideboys add to the package dropping massive pumping house and garage mixes cementing themselves as some of the hottest producers around with their new single Snowflake getting 1xtra & Kiss FM playlisted following their chart hit Daddy O ft Shaznay Lewis.

Additional remixes courtesy of Pedro De La Fiesta who made a huge name for himself on Tito Puente Jnr’s ‘Oye Como Va’ and Love Assassins who are establishing themselves as a premier remix team following the hype on their debut ‘Teardrops’ release. New Head of Nukleuz Green Pierre Pienaar (aka P.H.A.T.T.) toughens things up under his Melodia guise and CD Pool’s very own 7th Heaven add their own unique party vibe.

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