Daniel Loubscher & Illyra : On The Edge & Full Throttle

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The production duo of Daniel Loubscher & Illyra present their debut release on Nukleuz’ Green imprint. On The Edge & Full Throttle – two straight up Trance bangers, that have all the same elements as the production of the man who brought them to our attention, Nukleuz Green’s head man, Pierre Pienaar.

Daniel Loubscher

Born in Cape Town (South Africa), Daniel Loubscher began producing back in 2001, more for fun than anything, but soon he’d spent almost four years teaching himself from scratch. With no musical background, his passion for music kept him at it and he finally began to get some breakthroughs.

His first remix came from Miko, ‘Muziak’, a release which also featured mixes from the likes of Marcus Schossow. Since then, alongside production partner, Illyra Daniel’s gone on to produce for various labels including Redux Recordings, Vision Control Recordings and Real Legacy Records. Now however, Daniel’s career looks to be taking off with this release on Nukleuz and forthcoming work with the likes of Lost Witness, could this be a star in the making.


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