P.H.A.T.T : Worlds Apart 2008

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P.H.A.T.T is widely recognised as one of the leading and most respected producers in the Hard Trance scene, and following up on his recent successes he now presents the 2008 rework of Worlds Apart. Originally featuring on Nukleuz’ Trance Sessions Vol.3 and Hard Trance EP 10, Worlds Apart went on to recieve some solid support from top names & radio, but only featuring on these compilations, it was never given the full push it deserved.

Now however, sticking to his own unique and renowned style here with a real pumping beat, hard hitting kicks and big dark, energetic and emotive synths, P.H.A.T.T and friends create some updated versions of this monster, especially for 2008. A remake that continuously builds into an ever more real, full-on Hard Trance anthem.

Remixes are courtesy of some big names in their own right, including Melodia with a slower paced, uplifitng Trance mix, JamX and Daniel Kaye’s T Mix with a straight forward Trance sound, created to really rock dance floors.

Then one of this years biggest breakthrough producers, Will Atkinson takes to the buttons for his own Trance take, with Technikal presenting another straight forward, old skool sounding, but harder, up-beat Synth filled version of P.H.A.T.T’s original, and the final mix courtesy of Audiojelly remix competition winner iT Kando, who presents a stunning full vocal chill-out take, giving the whole track a beautiful re-work that perfectly finishes off what is already a great package.

Track Listing

1) Melodia Remix
2) JamX & Daniel Kaye Remix
3) Will Atkinson Remix
4) Technikal Remix
5) Original Mix
6) iT Kando Remix


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