Trance Sessions Vol .4

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Nukleuz has always had huge success with it’s Trance Sessions series, simply because of the consistent quality of each release. Trance Sessions Vol. 4 is no different.

Mixed in the same Nukleuz studios that have lead the label to on be a leading purveyor of trance, hard trance, tech trance and general euphoric tuneage over the years, this mix presents ten tracks of upfront, uplifting and pumping Trance as it should be.

Featuring tracks from the likes of Nukleuz front man Pierre Pienaar and other Dance music leaders in the form of Melodia and Fonzerelli is an unending rampage of Trance bangers.

First up is Melodia’s mix of Zentribe and Linda Newman, ‘Let The Music Flow’, a building, flowing, chilled out warm up to the ever developing mix. Following that is Melodia back on the buttons, this time for a solo effort with, ‘Motion Theory’ – an emotive track full of the fundamental, key Trance elements that have made the genre such a success over the years.

Next, Pierre Pienaar is in the mix for Ibiza Knights, ‘Feels so Good (To Be Alive) giving the beautiful vocals the beautiful trance backing they always deserved. TFT then steps up with his track, ‘Into The lights’ with the sort of track that has become synonymous with the Trance sound and is sure to make every clubber do just what the title says, put their hands up and look up into the lights.

The huge Pierre Pienaar remix of Fonzerelli’s ‘Spirit (Wanna Stay Here Forever)’ also features on the compilation, as does the Melodia Mix of one of this summers set to be club anthems, Connected Ft. Max’C ‘A Feeling’ with it’s gorgeous, catchy vocals that sit perfectly over Melodias pumping Trance beat.

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