Goblin – Roller

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« Roller »

[fr]Goblin est connu pour avoir composé un grand nombre de bandes son pour des films d’Horreur… Généralement à la demande du metteur en scène Dario Argento.
Roller est l’un de ses rares albums non rattaché à un film, et nous vous le recommandons tout particulièrement aux amateurs de rock progressif instrumental des années 70…

[En] Goblin is best known for doing soundtracks to horror films, usually by Dario Argento. Roller, released in 1976, is one of their rare non-soundtrack albums. The band was originally known as Cherry Five, who released a wonderful album in 1975 simply entitled Cherry Five. That album sounds nothing like Goblin, but much more in the Yes and Tarkus-era ELP vein (lots of vocals, in English as well), with some Acqua Fragile thrown in. Just as soon as the band completed that album, Dario Argento wanted them to compose the score to Profondo Rosso (but without a vocalist, and with a new drummer), with a new name, that name was Goblin. Because Profondo Rosso got in the way, the Cherry Five album was actually released AFTER Profondo Rosso, believe it or not. After Profondo Rosso, the next Goblin project was a non-soundtrack album, and that was Roller. Although the band themselves don’t seem to care for that album, to me, I think it’s a vast improvement over Profondo Rosso. Better production, a better, more full sound, a better keyboard sound and so much more. They seemed to have cut back on the Mike Oldfield-type minimalism here and went for a mid ’70s funk influenced prog sound, just like what Il Volo did with Essere o non Essere or the Austrian band Eela Craig did with One Niter. There’s the atmospheric « Aquaman », great use of electric piano and synths. There’s the funky « Snip Snap » with bass work that really sticks out. The album’s real crowning achievement is the 11+ minute « Goblin ». Because this is not a soundtrack album, these 11+ minutes really let the band stretch out big time. The song varies from more moody passages, to more fusiony passages, to funky passages. The only cut I don’t seem to care is « Dr. Frankenstein », it just seem to be a cut that goes nowhere. Aside from that, this is truly an amazing album, and if you like instrumental prog, chances are you’ll like this one.

Tracklist :

1 – Roller (4:42) – Soundtrack
2 – Aquaman (5:24) – Soundtrack
3 – Snip-snap (3:39) – Soundtrack
4 – Il risveglio del serpente (3:32) – Soundtrack
5 – Goblin (11:10) – Soundtrack
6 – Dr. frankenstein (5:55) – Soundtrack

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