Henry Kaiser And David Lindley – Music For Werner Herzog’s Encounters At The End Of The World

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[En] Music for Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the End of the World reunites two iconic guitar players and composers: Henry Kaiser and David Lindley. LIndley, who is well know for his work with Jackson Browne, has also worked with Ry Cooder, Linda Ronstadt and Bruce Springsteen to name a few, but his wonderfully eccentric side has clearly been encouraged here by Kaiser – as was also evidenced in their venture into Madagascar two decades ago which yielded their series of albums featuring contemporary music from the region.On Encounters…, a soundtrack to Herzog’s documentary about the lives of scientist living and working in Antarctica, Kaiser and Lindley collaborate once again to create something entirely new – an expansive raw landscape, dire isolation juxtaposed to unimaginable beauty and discovery that the film brings to light.Kaiser plays acoustic and electric guitars, kabosy, ukelele, string and flute samples. Lindley plays weissenborn slide guitars, fiddle, hardanger fiddle, cumbus, oud and cittern. Additional performers include Cheryl Leonard (glass instrument)s, Damon Smith (double bass), William Winant (percussion), Danielle DeGruttolla (cello) and Jen Baker (trombone).Review on DMG:HENRY KAISER & DAVID LINDLEY With CHERYL LEONARD-DAMON SMITH-WILLIAM WINANT et al – Music For Werner Herzog’s Encounters At The End Of World [sndtck] (FractalMusic; USA) Henry Kaiser has been travelling to Antarctica since 2001 for his other gig as a research diver, beneath the ice of the Ross Sea. Herzog was drawn to Antarctica after viewing underwater footage filmed by Henry. Kaiser was working on music for Herzog’s Grizzly Man and was showing the footage to a friend when Herzog noticed it. Within a year, Herzog had released The Wild Blue Yonder, which made prominent use of Kaiser’s footage, and then traveled to Antarctica himself with Kaiser to make Encounters At The End Of The World. »When David Lindley and I recorded the soundtrack for Herzog’s ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD, we were fortunate enough to have some great Bay Area improvisors working with us and you can read there names below.David Lindley is one of the greatest improvisors that I know, be it on bowed or plucked strings. This recording was a rare chance to capture Lindley the improvisor. There are a number of solo pieces by him here that take my breath away. My practical approach to film scoring is to make at least five times as much music as the film needs; so that there are many cues for the editor to choose from. We recorded about four hours of music for Encounters and I have selected the best for this CD; some of it was used in the film and some of it was not. Thinking of ‘soundtrack album’ as a CD genre, I wanted to make a really unusual and special album for listeners. Many thanks to Werner for allowing us off-leash for this one, and many thanks to Lindley for being his amazingly musical and fearless self. Since I have spent more than two years of my life living and working in Antarctica, I do have some experience with the big space and the silence down there. I have tried to cram that into the soundtrack, along with all of my emotions and feelings about the big empty place; as well as the feelings and emotions that I see in my fellow ‘Antarcticans’ down on the ice, and my dive buddies there under that ice. This is our song: First You Fall in Love with Antarctica, and Then It Breaks Your Heart. » – Henry KaiserHenry Kaiser: acoustic & electric guitars, kabosy, ukulele, sampled strings and flutes; and David Lindley: weissenborn slide guitars, fiddle, hardanger fiddle, cumbus, oud, cittern. Additional performers include Cheryl Leonard: glass instruments; Damon Smith: double bass; William Winant: percussion; Danielle DeGruttola: cello; Jen Baker: trombone. »UNlike many of Kaiser’s releases, this is not a guitar jam ‘tour de force’, nor a stellar experimental solo guitar soundscape. Renewing his historically fruitful partnership with stringed-instrument master Lindley, the duo has given us a MASTERPIECE of compositional focus on the music itself, not the players. Meditative moments within various familiar global folk musics – ofttimes Americana, sometimes Norskie, sometimes Malagasy – othertimes Scelsi, or the altogether UNearthly, arise and recede, leaving backgrounds of colored silence, analogous to the visual or mental experience of taking [pieces of] the familiar of any kind and dropping it into the ‘two-chrome monochrome’ of the Antarctic – out-of-place in one sense while simultaneously highlit and shimmering in the beauty of its uniqueness. It’s in my player now on repeat, the next step [for me] is to see how it was integrated into Herzog’s film. But it works perfectly brilliantly on its own, Thank You! This is not difficult ‘free’ music – it’s for everyone, while being extremely creative. It serves to illustrate my personal credo: Music is a foreign language Everyone speaks. (and this one picks the locks on the closed mind as well) Barrels of THUMBS UP! – MannyLunch

Tracklist :

1 – Over the ice (9:46) – Country
2 – Flight to new harbor (3:10) – Country
3 – Ants and chimps (2:05) – Country
4 – Platelet ice (4:04) – Country
5 – Still underwater (2:52) – Country
6 – Seals on the ice (2:16) – Country
7 – Greenhouse gases (5:08) – Country
8 – Back in shackleton’s day (2:07) – Country
9 – Mcmurdo barn dance (2:53) – Country
10 – Frozen fingers (3:11) – Country
11 – Happy campers (3:23) – Country
12 – Double melody (3:13) – Country
13 – Ice cave raga (2:48) – Country
14 – Scelsi on erebus (1:37) – Country
15 – Greenhouse uke (0:56) – Country
16 – New encounters (14:28) – Country

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