Keb’ Mo’ – Live And Mo’

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[Fr] Keb ‘Mo’ est un multiple lauréat des Grammys Awards pour les meilleurs albums blues contemporains en 1997,1999 et 2005. Il a été nommé quatre autres fois et a aussi gagné 10 WC Handy Blues Awards. Son premier album de 1994, Keb ‘Mo’, a été certifié or pour des ventes de plus de 500.000 copies.

Live & Mo représente un mélange de plusieurs époques et genres musicaux notamment la Pop, le Rock, la Folk, le Jazz.

[En] Live & Mo’ is a custom blend of songs hand picked by multiple Grammy winning artist Keb’ Mo’ for the premier release on his own label Yolabelle International. Comprised of six live performances harvested from pinnacle moments on the road and four new studio recordings, including the aspirational anthem A Brand New America and the wry funky groove of Government Cheese.

Live and Mo’ represents another musical experience to be savored from Keb’ Mo’. Mo’s music is a purely post-modern expression of the artistic and cultural journey that has transformed the Blues, and his own point of view, over time. His distinctive sound embraces multiple eras and genres, including pop, rock, folk, jazz and the singer songwriter movement.

For Keb’ Mo’ the common bond between these influences is the underlying storytelling ethic, the power of song to convey human experience and emotional weight.

Keb’ Mo’ is a multiple Grammy award winner for Best Contemporary Blues album in 1997,1999 and 2005. He was nominated four other times. He has also won 10 WC Handy Blues awards. His self-titled first album from 1994, Keb’ Mo’, has been certified Gold for sales in excess of 500,000.

Keb’ Mo’ portrayed Robert Johnson in the documentary film Can’t You Hear the Wind Howl? and portrays Jimmy Rogers in the forthcoming Who Do You Love, the biopic of Leonard Chess and Chess Records. He also composed music for 18 episodes of television’s Freddie series (Freddie Prinze jr.), was a guest actor on five episodes of Touched By An Angel and more…

Tracklist :

1 – Victims of comfort (4:00) – Blues Rock
2 – More than one way home (4:58) – Blues Rock
3 – Change (4:24) – Blues Rock
4 – Shave yo’ legs (4:44) – Blues Rock
5 – Hole in the bucket (2:55) – Blues Rock
6 – One friend (3:27) – Blues Rock
7 – The action (4:34) – Blues Rock
8 – Perpetual blues machine (5:28) – Blues Rock
9 – Government cheese (4:40) – Blues Rock
10 – A brand new america (3:22) – Blues Rock

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