Ot Azoj Klezmerband : Klezmer For Kishinev

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Carrefour des civilisations et des religions, l’historique cité de Moldavia, Kishinev, a vécu tragédies et bonheurs que la musique Klezmer traduit à merveille. A la richesse de cette musique colorée traditionnelle, Ot Azoj ajoute de nouvelles saveurs. Accordéon, violon, clarinette, saxophone, flûte, tuba, darbouka, percussions…

This Amsterdam-based group has developed their sound over the past decade into a blend of old-time Klezmer and contemporary Eastern European folk music. With vivid imagery and obvious elements from Greek music, the music of the Gypsies, and Romanian and Slavic styles dating back to the Ottoman Empire, this is a very rich amalgam of joyous, passionate and emotional « good-time » music. Led by the virtuoso violin playing of Joris Van Beek, Ot Azoj includes clarinets, saxophone, bass tuba, flutes, tapan darabuka drums, and two fabulous accordion players. Wedding music, many dance-derived pieces, and melodic Gypsy pieces are part of their wide range of songs.

Tracklist :

1 – Terkishe freilach
2 – Tsiganeshti
3 – Erinnerung fun kishinev
4 – Nit bay motje
5 – Europeyische kolomeyka
6 – Fleyt doine
7 – Freilach fun odessa
8 – Turkische yalle vey` uve
9 – Bessaraber zhok un honga
10 – Sehnaz longa
11 – Glendi
12 – Evreisky tanz
13 – Trumejter tanz
14 – Kishinever bulgar
15 – Transylvanishe sher

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