Sonia Loinsworth – Songs Of Compassion II

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« Calling »

L’utilisation des mots est trop limitée lorsque l’on veut décrire les effets de la voix extraordinaire de Sonia Loinsworth. A l’écoute de ce CD, vous ressentirez un sens unique d’harmonie universelle dans le présent, à un niveau supérieur.

The use of words alone is too limiting when describing the effect of the outstanding voice that is Sonia Loinsworth. She is in union/unity with her higher self and creates an absolute presence of devotion and surrender, resulting in a true “Buddhafield”. Listening to these sacred Tibetan mantras, Padmasambhava and Avalokiteshvara creates a celestial space of deep spiritual resonance, opening your soul towards the divine, filling your heart with love and joy.
Your body will be healed by the intense vibrational frequencies of her luminous voice. In an instance you sense Universal harmony. Peace is infused in your environment and the people around you respond accordingly.
You can feel a literal shower of blessings, a sense of freedom, connectedness and divine bliss. The chrysalis of her clear voice radiates a sonic vibration through sacred Mantras impacting the sound healing experience. Find a sense of unique Universal harmony within the present at a higher level, becoming & transforming.

Tracklist :

1 – Calling (6:10) – Meditative
2 – Om ah hung (mantra iii) (8:19) – Meditative
3 – Vajra guru (mantra iv) (7:35) – Meditative
4 – Padma (mantra v) (7:44) – Meditative
5 – Chenrezig (mantra i) (9:03) – Meditative
6 – Siddhi hung (mantra ii) (11:44) – Meditative

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