Sylvia Telles – The Music Of Mr. Jobim

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« Useless landscape (ineútil pasagem) »

1965 : la Bossa Nova et Sylvia Telles triomphent aux USA. «The Music of Mr Jobim» a été enregistré à Rio de Janeiro avec des musiciens brésiliens, et compte quelques interprétations exceptionnelles en anglais

de chansons de Tom Jobim, comme «Dindi», «Quiet Nights (Corcovado)», «How Insensitive (Insensatez)», ou bien encore en portugais comme «Samba Torto», ou «Eu Preciso de Você».

As a Singer, Sylvia Dedicated her Short Career to One Man, Antonio Carlos Jobim. Of the Little More Than a Hundred Songs that She Recorded During her Ten Years in the Studio, at Least Fifty were Composed by Jobim, Written Either Alone Or in Partnerships. He was Always the Most Recognized Composer of his Generation. His Admiration of her was Reciprocal Because Many of Those Songs, Hot off the Piano, were Given Directly to Her. Sylvia Provided the Definitive Versions of Many Jobim Songs, Setting the Standard for them to Be Sung by Others.

Tracklist :

1 – Useless landscape (ineútil pasagem) (3:17) – Musique Brésilienne
2 – Dreamer (vivo sonhando) (2:45) – Musique Brésilienne
3 – Samba torto (2:03) – Musique Brésilienne
4 – Once i loved (o amor em paz) (4:25) – Musique Brésilienne
5 – And roses and roses (…das rosas) (3:14) – Musique Brésilienne
6 – Eu preciso de você (2:07) – Musique Brésilienne
7 – All that’s left is to say goodby (É preciso dizer adeus) (2:36) – Musique Brésilienne
8 – Samba de uma nota só (2:31) – Musique Brésilienne
9 – Quiet nights (corcovado) (2:15) – Musique Brésilienne
10 – Bonita (3:24) – Musique Brésilienne
11 – Dindi (2:51) – Musique Brésilienne
12 – How insensitive (insensatez) (3:26) – Musique Brésilienne

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