Taras Bazeev – Barcelona Ep

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[En] Sundesire Records had its first release in December 2009, with a track by ‘Sahara’. The following release the classy tech-trance sounds of Taras Bazeev you have to deal with him. There’s no way of avoiding them on the dance floor, cause this guy’s tunes are going places and find the support of the highest DJ elite of Sean Tyas, tyDi, Matt Darey, DJ Feel, Steave Anderson.

With tech-trance as the main ingredient to all tracks, the Sundesire imprint saw talent grow out to some of the scene’s biggest classics and hits.


Sean Tyas: ‘Love them all, I think Barcelona is the one I’ll be playing the most »

Matt Darey: ‘Very good!’


Steave Anderson: ‘Support on « I So Think » from me, thanks for sending’

Elite Electronic: ‘AWESOME EP, Taras Bazeev is a very talented producer. I So think – amazing melody! 10/10’

Ryan Wilkinson: « Supporting Barcelona and In a Network. 9/10 »

Tracklist :

1 – Barcelona (8:02) – Trance
2 – In a network (6:26) – Trance
3 – I so think (9:11) – Trance

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