Vayo – Tango

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[Fr] Dans ce nouvel album Vayo chante et joue ces propres Tangos renforcé par l’utilisation des instruments acoustiques traditionnels. Accompagné par les maîtres du genre ce dernier opus explore les nouvelles directions du Tango de notre temps.

[En] Tango, in its traditional and contemporary form is as universal as the classics; however, its creative roots and character continue to originate in the urban culture of the River Plate (Buenos Aires and Montevideo). In this new Tango album I sing seven of my own new tangos and two themes that connect with the past. The link between my new music and the old tangos is strengthened by the exclusive use of the traditional acoustic instruments. My companions in this musical adventure are masters of the genre and contribute instrumental virtuosity to our ensemble work, which explores new directions for the tango of our time.

Tracklist :

1 – La cumparsita (4:39) – Musique Latine
2 – Celos (jealousy) (4:46) – Musique Latine
3 – Soledad (loneness) (2:27) – Musique Latine
4 – Daniela (3:17) – Musique Latine
5 – Three for tango (2:44) – Musique Latine
6 – Ámame (love me) (3:05) – Musique Latine
7 – Nunca me amó (she never loved me) (3:54) – Musique Latine
8 – Dulce engaño (sweet deceit) (2:49) – Musique Latine
9 – Milonga sentimental (2:15) – Musique Latine

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