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  • Melodia : Phoenix

    Melodia : Phoenix

    Nukleuz top man, Pierre Pienaar presents the newest piece from his Melodia alias. A pseudonym that has been known for it’s more down-tempo, melodic and uplifting Trance than some of Pierre’s other...

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  • Hardcore EP 19

    Hardcore EP 19

    Pour le 19° tome de la série Nukleuz’ Hardcore EP, on enlève les stops, et on vous offre deux titres Hardcore du légendaire Stu Allan, et plus de Darwin, Visa, DJ Kurt et Club House ft Carl....

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  • JamX : Liebe

    JamX : Liebe

    Previously known as the hard hitting German duo DuMonde aka JamX & De Leon, JamX and his partner were known as one of the most enduring and exciting Trance twosomes on the scene, for their 10 yea...

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  • Pierre Piennar : First Flight

    Pierre Piennar : First Flight

    To coincide with the release of his colossal mix album, Trance Adrenaline, Pierre Pienaar returns with his catchphrase sound and presents First Flight. A track that illustrates why Pierre is head of h...

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    [lang_en] Having discovered their passion for music early on in their school days, S.H.O.K.K (Marco Guardia & Claudio Pettannice) went on to work together for over 5 years becoming renowned for t...

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